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One of the many cultural resources that contribute to the quality of life experienced by residents in Waterloo, New York.  Such resources are important considerations in the Comprehensive Plan process.

Welcome to the Official Site of the Town of Waterloo Comprehensive Plan

Supervisor Gary Westfall and the Town Board have initiated a public-participation process to create a new comprehensive plan for the Town of Waterloo. Check here often for updates and key information about the planning process. The site also provides a convenient way to contact the Comprehensive Plan Committee.

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Status Report

Committee Members

For all public and general committee meetings, minutes are being taken and will be provided for review by the public on the “Plan Process” page of this website.

Final Draft Presented: Plan Nearing Completion

At the regular Town Board meeting held on November 21, the Comprehensive Steering Committee presented board members with the final draft of a document entitled “Vision Waterloo: a Comprehensive Plan for the Future”.

The document contains a summary community assessment, public feedback, survey data, and the results of a “visioning” process that led to compilation of several goals and objectives to help steer the community towards a future based on its own desires.

The Steering Committee has been meeting for approximately two years to consider the characteristics of the community most highly valued, and how to protect and preserve what residents “would not want to compromise” for the sake of development.  The focus thereafter was on identifying desired outcomes, and ways to support and encourage those results.

Public feedback has been a focus of the committee since receiving that directive from the Town Board at the beginning of the planning project. Several opportunities for citizen involvement were included in the planning process:

The delivery of the draft to the Town Board included a PowerPoint presentation, which explained the planning process and key focus areas of the plan, which included:  Senior Citizens, Business Development,

Downtown Development, Property Maintenance, Land Use & Agriculture, Smart Growth, and Environmental Concerns.

The Town Board has scheduled a Public Hearing on December 19, 2016, to receive feedback on the plan.  The Hearing is a requirement of New York State Law, but also is consistent the Town Board’s imperative to include residents in every step of the planning process.

Also required is a State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR), a process which was initiated by the town. It involves providing the draft to neighboring communities and allowing time for response under statutory requirements.

A copy was provided to the Seneca County Planning Department, also required by law, for review.

The Town Board has encouraged town residents to provide additional feedback at the Public Hearing, or via the contact form on this website.  

Town Supervisor Gary Westfall expressed his thanks to members of the Committee and process consultant MRB Group for their efforts.  He also thanked Committee Chair Jim Cleere for his role as coordinator for the Town.

“This document looks good - looks complete - and we look forward to reviewing the finished product,” Supervisor Westfall said.

Anyone interested in making comments is invited to offer their thoughts or concerns directly to the committee Chairman, Jim Cleere. Residents can also mail comments to Town Hall, or submit their comments utilizing the contact form  at this website.

Next Meeting: the Public Hearing on

the Draft Comp Plan is scheduled for

Dec. 19, 5:00 PM, at Town Hall.  

Valuable Community Input Received So Far

Since launching the community survey last month, the Committee has received approximately 400 responses, an “excellent return” that exceeded many committee members’ expectations.  

About 3850 surveys were mailed to residents of the community, including all households in the Town and Village.  Some Village residents live outside of the Town of Waterloo, in the Town of Fayette.  They were included because the Village is also conducting a similar planning process.

Town Supervisor Gary Westfall and Village Mayor Ted Young decided to combine efforts and share information - a decision that makes sense in terms of efficiency, costs, and convenience for residents.  

The combined survey provided opportunities to share opinions on a number of issues of concern.  It asked about community residents’ perception of local services and amenities, what types of growth would be supported, and what might be a vision of Waterloo’s future.  It also invited input about energy use and community interest in alternative sources of energy.  Results will provide the Village an opportunity to assess public interest in services that promote reduced consumption.  

The Village’s portion of the survey focused on energy-related interests since its planning process is being funded by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA).  The agency is dedicated to promoting energy efficiency, and currently promotes New York’s “Cleaner, Greener Communities” initiative.  

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